If your house got flooded during the storm, then it might need to be mucked. Mucking means activities like removing wet carpets, flooring, dry wall, mud, or other items to prepare a flooded home for drying out and renovations.

We are migrating all future services and requests to Crisis Cleanup!

Call 844-965-1386 (TX) or 800-451-1954 (LA) for help.

Crisis Cleanup Public Map

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Use our form to pinpoint your location on our map to let volunteers know where you are and make it easier for them to find you.

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Use our form to pinpoint your location to let people in the area know you are available. Navigate the map to find homes near you that need mucking.

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You can also drop a pin of your location on the map with a tap & hold on the map. Once you're signed up, simply use the map to identify opportunities, then reach out to offer or request mucking assistance. Thank you for helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey!

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