Why Real Estate Specialists Love the Idea of a Loft for Your Home

Home buyers would love a room with a view. What if you could turn a loft into a functional place where you can look out onto natural scenery rather than attempting to repair the roof.

Medford Oregon VV Real Estate experts will definitely give you their nod of approval as you proudly show them the innovative improvement you made. This is how you generate interest in the home you are about to sell.

Before you get too happy about the prospect of building your loft area rather than replace the roofing, you need to determine if the lof you want to create is suitable for conversion. It is suggested you plan it and carry out a short survey to confirm its suitability.

It was only once you and your spouse decided to put your home on the market in Medford that you discovered the previous owner in an attempt to create storage space, cut away some of the most important supporting beams. As strong winds started to blow, you noticed that a section of your roof moved in a way you didn’t expect it to.

While you got up on the roof to inspect the situation, it dawned on you that there is sufficient headroom to put together a loft apartment that features a small bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, kitchen, study, and lounge.

Then, you had to establish whether the structure of the roof area is part of a traditional cut, trussed roof, or a purlin roof. The height should be sufficient no doubt.

Also, space is a premium under any given circumstance. No need to be overly concerned about chimneys as they do not pass through the loft area.

Be sure to check the felt that you will find under the tiling of your roof and that it is fully weathered tight, so you do not experience another incidence of leaking once the loft has been set up.

Once you are confident all the checks have been done, you have passed the first phase of the assessment. Now you know your home is suited to a loft conversion and that you may proceed to determine the kind of loft you are going to build. There is no need to despair should any of the points mentioned above be a concern. It does not necessarily mean you have to throw your dreams of setting up a loft out of the window. Speak to a trusted roofer in your area if you are not sure whether you can go ahead or not.

But, in your case, there were no hiccups

You even had the chance to build an exterior staircase that would go up to the loft as well as an outside deck.

More was needed though, under the inspiration of Realtors such as Windermere Estate, you decided to strengthen the internal support structure using angle iron. You applied the same principle to the flooring and then removed the wooden beams.

It was only once you tackled the restoration work that you realized what would have worked better. Your advice to other homeowners is to implement specific cost-cutting tips:

  • Some of the ways to minimize costs are to utilize recycled materials.
  • Guard against buying cheap as you may just wear out your drills and grinders.
  • Ensure that you only do a task once and correctly, which works out cheaper than having to revisit the same project and redo it later.
  • Also, before you tackle the building project, ensure you find out about the compliance regulations in case you need some form of certification for some of the tasks you carry out. You do not want to have to remove certain materials and go to the expense of replacing it, do you?

Follow along while we discuss how the couple in a quaint town of Medford went about rebuilding the loft area.

Kitchen and Dining Area

There might not be a lot you can do besides setting up the kitchen cupboards all in one line to save space. However, you can go to town with regards to the painting and decor work.


Go to your nearest retailer and be on the lookout for end-of-the-range shelving and other accessories where the outlet offers discounted prices on door handles, flooring, and more.

Concerning the front door of the loft, it would be an idea to soundproof with a double door and soundboards fitted to the inner door.