Digital Marketing Professionals Shed Light on Obsolete Tactics

When you see the Search Engine Optimization terminology what comes to your mind? Do you think of it as something outdated and not worth talking about as a lot of what worked yesteryear does not have the same impact anymore? Things sure have changed, haven’t they? Where does it leave business owners who rely on sound SEO in Portland principles and Search Engine Marketing to attract a particular kind of customer who is ready to buy from us? These are all valid concerns, and raise a couple of questions regarding the validity of olden day DIGITAL MARKETING practices.

Maybe Portland SEO professionals such as Moving Mountains Advisors can shed some light on what we need to do about obsolete DIGITAL MARKETING tactics. Besides, you do not wish for your traffic to become stagnant due to drop in visitor count, do you?

What Value Does Backlinks Hold?

Online Marketing Experts all agree that having more backlinks are by no means a guarantee of obtaining a higher ranking. These days Google has a different take on it. Your backlinks need to be relevant to what you are offering your audience. More so than having an undefined quantity of backlinks, that use to work yesteryear.  Mostly you should focus on high-quality, relevant links that relate to the topic under discussion.

Where Do Keyword Rich Content Fit In?

Beware, Google uses latent semantic indexing (LSI), which happens to be a retrieval and indexing method that makes use of mathematical techniques to assist marketers to discern between concepts and terms as far as a collection of unstructured text is concerned. In other words, the phrase “corporate investment” might as well be written as “business investments”. You will still rank for both terms due to similar meanings.

Rather than focusing on writing keyword rich content, you need to produce content that is user-friendly. Leave it up to DIGITAL MARKETING firms like Moving Mountains Advisors to write your content so that Google can take over from there to rank your site for the relevant terms. It will hurt your rankings if you ignore this warning and carry on with keyword rich content instead.

Content, Code, and Links Are Not Important Anymore

Just five years ago content considered as mediocre, code and links, as well as general on-page optimization, was all you needed to rank well for on the search engines. Nowadays, sites that do well tend to have a huge social following. Whether you agree or not, social media does have a direct impact on your page rank. Just ask reputed DIGITAL MARKETING experts like Moving Mountains Advisors.

The fact of the matter is that the more famous your site is, the more eyeballs you will attract to your offer. It sure is an excellent way to create traction.

Manipulating Your Head Terms to Improve Search Rank

Rather than going this route, which has become tough to pull off since Panda and Penguin updates, you should pay attention to long tail DIGITAL MARKETING. The beauty of it all is that you no longer have to bother with tracking your ranking. What you could focus on now is to create a long tail strategy through content marketing.

Would You Say More Pages Equates to An Influx of Visitors?

Do you come across sites that feature an arsenal of pages, which makes you think that they would feature at the top of the search engines in a similar way to Wikipedia? However, if your pages do not brim with high-quality content, it will not rank very well. If you add too much content, it may end up hurting you instead concerning page rank.

A word of advice offered by an DIGITAL MARKETING Consultant would be to refrain from creating thousands of pages, but rather to focus on coming up with great content.

Does it Make Sense to Feature a Lot of Text to Rank Well?

Previously it was thought that you needed to produce at least 2,000 words on every page of your site to rank well. On the contrary, some sites outrank Buzz Feed and Huffington Post, yet they have minimal content per page. Some search engine optimization techniques involve using images and video without bothering with too much text. The new way of doing things would be to utilize different kinds of content media such as podcasts, quizzes, infographics, etc.

You have endless opportunities available to you that will boost your online presence and social popularity rather than hurt it. Why waste your time with out-of-date DIGITAL MARKETING tactics, and rather focus your energy on working alongside seasoned DIGITAL MARKETING specialists in Beaverton, Oregon like Moving Mountains Advisors. They can be reached on (800) 955-9373.